**NEW** in 2024: RIght to Know is a web app developed by RIHSC and the RI Department of Health, targeted to adolescents and young adults in Rhode Island.

It is a trusted source for honest, accurate and reliable sexual and reproductive health informtion and is available as a website at or as an app from the Apple or Google Play stores.

The transition from child to young adult is a significant one, with physical, emotional, intellectual and social challenges. Adolescent development includes sexual and reproductive health, and schools are integral in educating young people about the many aspects of human sexuality and providing much-needed resources, services and referrals.

Good health (including sexual and reproductive health) also has a positive effect on academic performance.
​​It is vital that our adolescents are provided  with the information and skills they need to ensure their lifelong sexual health and well-being, and it’s particularly important to teach them that risky behaviors can jeopardize their health during these formative years and beyond with lifelong consequences.  Adolescents need information, skills, health services and support to make well-informed, responsible decisions.

​​​Sex education is required as part of an overall comprehensive health curriculum in Rhode Island.
By addressing staff professional development, schools can be sure to deliver comprehensive, accurate, developmentally appropriate and inclusive information about human sexuality to all students K-12, with a particular emphasis on the needs of adolescents who require knowledge to make healthy choices during a critical life stage.

For a document that explains THE BASICS about Adolescent Sexual Health in Rhode Island schools, click here.

RIHSC has developed an Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health Assessment Tool and accompanying Resource Sheets to help your school or district self-assess policy, practice and professional development around this topic. After the assessment, the Resource Sheets provide information and possible action steps for improvement.

Following are resources for each section of the Assessment Tool, all of which are essential to the health and well-being of adolescents, as well as a section for General Resources.  The resources in these sections are all included in the Resource Sheets, and sections will be periodically updated as new resources emerge.