Teens are less likely than younger children and adults to receive recommended preventative health services in general, and often face unique barriers accessing sexual health services in particular. Schools can play an important role in facilitating access to sexual and reproductive health services through the direct provision of onsite care or through referrals to adolescent-friendly, community-based providers. Such facilitation is especially critical for students who might otherwise have difficullty obtaining access to such services.

Aspects of the school infrastructure can support the delivery of sexual health services for youth. School nurses and school-based health centers are integral components to providing care and services, but because of limitations to staffing or to school-building capacity, strong referral systems and established partnerships with community-based health care providers are just as important.

School policies for access to sexual health services, whether provided by a school nurse, a school-based health center or through a system of referrals to local care providers, should spell out how those services are communicated, promoted and connected to the sexual health education and resources for students in the district or school. This helps ensure consistent messaging and helps raise awareness for staff, families and students about the importance of maintaining good health during the adolescent years.



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