Adolescent Sexual Health

Adolescent development includes sexual and reproductive health, and schools are integral in educating young people about it; **NEW** RIGHT TO KNOW web app

Physical Education & Activity

Both PHYSICAL EDUCATION and opportunities for PHYSICAL ACTIVITY are important for the physical, cognitive and social emotional growth of all students

Farm & Sea to School

Farm & Sea to School supports and encourages local food purchasing, food literacy, and gardening initiatives in Rhode Island schools

Health Education

A comprehensive health education program not only addresses physical health but also mental, emotional, and social wellbeing

Nutrition & Healthy Eating

Good nutrition is essential for students to achieve their full academic potential, full physical and cognitive growth, and lifelong health and well-being

Mental & Social Emotional Health

Mental and social-emotional health is fundamentally linked with physical health and is equally important for youth

Healthy Fundraising

Make sure school fundraisers are reinforcing the healthy habits schools teach young people and raise money without resorting to junk food

Celebrations & Student Rewards

There are countless ways to celebrate a holiday or birthday (or reward students) in schools WITHOUT junk food (or any food!) and WITH fun, healthy physical activity