Fundraisers are a common occurrence at schools across Rhode Island.  Whether it’s a parent-teacher organization, a student club, a classroom teacher or a building principal, many school programs, activities, supplies and projects seem to require supplemental funding.  Parents, family members, friends and community members are regularly asked to support these fundraising efforts.

Make sure these fundraisers reinforce the healthy habits schools teach our children.  Continue to raise money without resorting to junk food fundraisers such as cookie dough, candy bars and bake sales.  RI law prohibits the sale of foods/beverages that do not meet strict nutrition standards during the instructional day and one hour afterward on school premises.  See RI Competitive Foods and Beverages Overview for Fundraisers (RIDE).


Be sure to take advantage of every method of communication available to your school community to publicize your fundraiser, and do it more than once:
  • School website
  • School newsletter/newspaper
  • School listserv
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • School /district phone notification system
  • Flyers at parent/teacher conferences, Open   Houses and other school events held prior to the fundraiser
  • Flyers home in backpacks
  • Flyers/posters hanging up around school
  • Daily morning announcements
  • Outdoor school sign message areas
  • Local media if applicable
  • Word of mouth—talk it up!  Encourage   students and staff to do the same!


  • Politely ask for support and describe the need
  • Be enthusiastic and emphasize the fun
  • Be very clear and specific as to what the funds raised will be used for (ex: new uniforms for the band, renting buses for a student field trip, costs related to the prom).  A clearly conveyed message will garner more support!
  • There are new students and new parents in the district and in the school every year.  Communicate your entire message EVERY time you hold the fundraiser.
  • After the fundraiser, be sure to thank supporters and report to them on its success, including how much money was raised 

Best Practices for Healthy Fundraising (USDA)    (Note: RI state nutrition standards for food fundraisers during the school day also apply)
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