The PowerUp PE toolkit contains age-appropriate Activity Lessons and Resources to support effective physical education programs and opportunities for school-based physical activity.

​It is available digitally below and as a 90-page downloadable pdf.
Activity Lessons are also available as individual downloadable pdfs below.


​The following Activity Lessons were created by physical education specialists with the goal of maximizing PE class time and increasing the physical activity levels of students. Each lesson meets teacher evaluation requirements and includes lesson focus, appropriate grade levels, equipment & space needs, how to organize and execute the lesson, scripted directions, NASPE standards, student performance objectives, a check of student understanding, helpful hints and challenges for the more skilled students.

The lessons can be a resource for new and seasoned physical activity specialists alike.  Many can be adapted to smaller spaces and equipment substitutions are listed. The activities can also be used to assess specific physical education skills.

Click on grade ranges below to view (and print) individual easy-to-use 2-page
Activity Lessons, with links to demonstration videos included in most lessons. 

Also check out Dance & Music for dance lessons & music suggestions, and Animal WalksBody Positions and Stunts for photos of kids demonstrating poses ​to support gymnastics lessons – helpful to display by printing or projecting on your wall!


​The following resources can be utilized to enhance PE programs, to help guide and direct opportunities for more physical activity at school, to access additional professional development, and to help create extended learning communities for PE professionals.
(Click here for a printable version of these Resources)

Student Assessment Example of an easy-to-use student skill assessment template featured in the PowerUp PE training video Assessment Techniques & Use of Technology

Physical Education Advocacy
American Heart Association RI PE Advocacy campaign to prioritize physical education in Rhode Island and provide the funding/resources schools need to make certain all RI students receive effective PE.  Learn more at #HealthyKidsRI

Family Fitness Night
Family Fitness Nights are a great way to extend healthy messages from school to home and get students and families to have fun being active together.  They’re also an opportunity to showcase Physical Education programs in schools!  Action for Healthy Kids has some great resources and tips for planning a Family Fitness Night.   

Recess Recess rocks in RI! Learn about our state recess law, programs and resources to support active, inclusive and safe recess here.
Before/After School Programs Adding “out-of-school” fitness and activity programs can provide students more opportunities to move and have fun.  Check out some ideas and local programs here.
Classroom Exercise Breaks Activity breaks activate the body and the brain and leave students more focused and ready to learn.  Here are some resources and ideas to share or model for classroom teachers.


Link to the following valuable websites for every Physical Educator

Some very generous PE teachers across the country share their best practices, 
​games and ideas on websites they’ve created and on their own YouTube channels.
​They are well worth checking out and following on social media!