Farm & Sea to School connects students and school communities to local farms and fisheries with a shared goal of enhancing student nutrition and academic achievement, along with strengthening local food systems and economies and contributing to vibrant communities.

Farm & Sea to School activities are generally grouped into the “3Cs”:

  • Cafeteria – Purchase and serve local or regionally produced foods to feed healthy and fresh meals to students and support the local food economy
  • Classroom – Offer food, health, nutrition and agriculture related learning activities across disciplines, including math, science, language arts, and social studies, to engage students in experiential learning
  • Community – Make connections and build partnerships outside school with parents, families, and local businesses to build a culture committed to healthy and sustainable food choices   

Rhode Island has a robust Farm & Sea to School Program with many diverse activities in schools throughout the state. RI Healthy Schools Coalition is a founding partner of the RI Farm & Sea to School Network, along with:

The Network provides leadership, coordination, and advocacy and is comprised of educators, farmers, fishermen and fisherwomen, local producers, school food service, gardeners, students, parents, and local food advocates committed to promoting and implementing farm & sea to school activities and supportive policies.

To learn more about ways schools can incorporate fresh, locally sourced food and engage kids and the school community in related education activities, including gardening, visit the RI Farm to School Network website.