The process of writing or revising a wellness policy can seem daunting.  But when taken step-by-step, with guidance, it is a manageable and very worthwhile endeavor.  Utilize the resources available and actively recruit people to help with the communication and review of the policy implementation.  

Remember, a strong policy, that meets all required federal and state regulations and laws, is easier to communicate and enforce than a vague and weak policy.  RIHSC is always available for whatever assistance you need!

What is a
Wellness Policy?

Basic definition and information on the background and rationale behind the wellness policy requirement.

10 Steps
to a
Wellness Policy

Steps for developing or updating a comprehensive and strong local wellness policy that aligns with federal/state statutes.


Strategies and tools to ensure the school community is aware of and supportive of the local wellness policy.

Monitor, Assess, Document & Report

Tools to assist you in monitoring and reporting on policy implementation and establishing future goals and action plans.
For personalized guidance and technical assistance, contact Karin Wetherill at karin.wetherill@rihsc.org